Ett hem med Omtanke

Ida Magntorn is well known in Sweden for her books and in which she focuses on sustainable interior design, how to be conscious about nature and yet being able to live in an esthetique way.

Like never before we are interested in our homes and interior design, and at the same time most of us are very aware of the fact that we live above the earth's assets and would like to live in a sustainable way.

So how can anyone interested in interior design relate to sustainability and environmental thinking?

"In my book I want to show how we can think smarter about pretty much everything that concerns our home", says Ida Magntorn. "How we can reduce our climate footprint and save our world for future generations. I show ideas from my own home, but also things that others have shared - everything from recycling and smart flea finds to making bouquets with locally produced flowers, cleaning in an environmentally friendly way and how to fix a more energy-efficient home. Lists and step-by-step, for example, on how to get rid of plastic, what lighting is best and how to choose an environmentally smart mattress. Every little helps and in the book you will find advice on both small and big things you can do to create a more sustainable home."

The book is signed by the author, if you do not wish a signature in your book please contact Mylhta customer service.     

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