A design from Mylhta is a high quality, timeless piece, designed and made to last for generations.

Our awardwinning creative director/designer Lisa Hilland has designed several items that are considered classics with a value as future antiques. In her innovative approach to design she constantly investigates new design methods, materials and production techniques that reduces the impact on the planet. We feel passionately about creating design with care for nature and humans. This can be done in several ways:




We work with local artisians as well as smaller often family-run businesses in Sweden and Poland. All our designs come to life through a development process together with our suppliers, we know them all in person and work with them continuously.



We love natural materials and we work to show them at their most beautiful manner, enhancing the natural qualities of this material. For example for Anno Cabinet we have created a handmade veneer showing the annual rings of the wood togheter with a skilled woodworker.



All wooden furniture is produced in Sweden. We use only FSC certified wood, we also use local Swedish wood, first hand - when available. We also use left over wood form other production, for example in our Daggkåpa Cande Holder, high quality walnut, oak and ash.



We collaborate with a familyowned ceramic factory in Poland. Stoneware clay derives directly from the earth. Our factory only uses eco-friendly nontoxic glazes. On their roof they have installed solar panels, using this energy for their kilns.



We use leather from Swedish producers only; Elmo, Tärnsjö and Kero. Leather is a biproduct that is given new life through the tanning process, instead of being thrown away or used for energy. For example Elmo has developed a water pioneering method for purifying wastewater in their own treatment plant. The water used in the process is so pure that you could drink it. Once the leather is processed it lasts for generations and ages beautifully with patina.


Upholstery and textiles

We love natural textiles like for example linen, we also use left over pieces from other production. We produce for example Lumi Pouf at Eke Möbler in the south of Sweden using a recycled padding material. The poufs are stuffed by Medvind in Glimåkra, a neighboring company to Eke-möbler. Medvind collaborates with the Swedish Public Employment Services of northwest Skåne, helping the long-term unemployed to find work through internships and educational programs.


Packaging and transport

We use recycled packaging material and we keep our production close in Sweden and Poland. Some of our products are especially designed with simplifying shipping in mind, for example Mylhta stool is flatpack and Daggkåpa Candle holder can be sent as an ordinary letter in the post.