Contact us for special commissions for furniture and interiors. With our wide local network of skilled artisans and producers we can ensure highest quality. Some items even handmade by designer Lisa Hilland herself. The pieces below were made to order by Svensk Fastighetsförmedling in a campaign focusing on new interiors for pets. 

Spira Side Table 
Dogs like to stay close to their owners and with the double function of the side table, it meets the needs of both humans and animals. It functions as a cosy dogbed and a side table at the same time. It is a perfect piece of furniture where your pet can relax and where you can put your coffee cup when you, for example, sit and read or work from the sofa. 



Braided dog and cat basket
The basket is soft and made out of braided of leather, which is shaped according to the animal's body. Simple, beautiful and hight quality, leather is a material that ages beautifully and looks great over a long time in your home. 


Spira hooks
The hooks are created from waste material from Lisa Hilland's acclaimed Spira series, the same series that includes the side table, among other things. The idea was to utilize the remaining material and create something of value with the beautiful wooden shapes. It became a hook to hang the leash on, or other dog accessories that may be needed when you go out for a walk.

With these designs we want to show the potential in furniture that can be used by both humans and animals. A home for the whole family is a home where everyone's needs are met.


Photos by Adam Falk