Lilla Furuhyllan Carl Malmsten

Mylhta reintroduces ’Lilla Furuhyllan’, a design classic by Carl Malmsten, design 1941! It’s been months of development work and quality checks in collaboration with @carlmalmstenab and @swedishwood . ’Lilla Furuhyllan’ is made of origin-marked Swedish pine from Kårböle in Hälsingland. In this way we can secure that we use highest quality natural resource, from sustainable forestry in Sweden. Carl Malmsten (1888–1972) is not only one of the most famous furniture designer in Sweden. He was also one of the great cultural celebrities of the last century, with a strong influence on domestic and public environments and the social debate of the time. 

Lisa Hilland founder and creative director of Mylhta explains:
"Standing there with the first sample of the shelf in my arms I felt simply overwhelmed! And I asked myself - how do we continue to build on the cultural treasure, the heritage from Carl Malmsten?So I asked asked some of Sweden's most renowned designers to give their twist on the shelf - and they embraced the task with great enthusiasm!"

CM + AK = TRUE  

 "Our history and the knowledge of the elderly is necessary for future development in crafts and design (and everything else as well). We have a lot to learn from the elderly, but at the same time we must dare to break rules and traditional thoughts to move forward and further.” Design Anna Kraitz, shelf made by cabinetmakers Martin Altwegg and Per Svartling.

“VOLYMEN is a glass vase that is blown with the shelf as a mould and carefully adjusted in size according to its proportions. It can stand on its own corner or serve as a support for the books that hopefully end up next to it. The vase is designed by Matti Klenell and made by his brother Simon on a sunny January morning in the fantastic Sthlm Glas workshop in Gustavsberg. It has been given a decorative marbled pattern that occurs when you "comb" the surface. The technology is ancient and is used here to connect to older book volumes that often have marbled paper as covers." Design Matti Klenell, vase mouthblown by Simon Klenell, shelf made by cabinetmaker Per Svartling.

FABULA, planter for many seeds 
"When we take a piece of material from nature, it is important that we do it in a careful way and we give back more than we take. FABULA is a planting vessel for many seeds! The pine used for Carl Malmsten's shelf is origin marked, we know exactly where in the forest it has grown, thus we can ensure that it comes from a socially and environmentally responsible forestry." Design Lisa Hilland, vase handmade by ceramicist  Anna-Lena Westerlund, shelf made by cabinetmaker Per Svartling.