Inspired by nature

MYLHTA is a new design range by Lisa Hilland, inspired by Scandinavian nature, combining it’s natural materials, quality craftsmanship, and modern production techniques. Mylhta is the traditional local name of the Arctic Cloudberry, growing in the Scandinavian mountain chain between Northern Sweden and Norway. A rare treasure, if you can find it.

Designer Lisa Hilland’s clients include renowned Swedish brands such as Gemla, Orrefors and Svenskt Tenn. She is a graduate of Central St Martin’s College of Art and design in London, giving her an international approach to her Scandinavian heritage. Lisa Hilland has been granted several awards, among them the Lauritz Icon Award 2017 for Gemla Bow Series.  

“With Mylhta, we bring you ’Scandinavian Noveaux’; sustainable furniture and accessories with a fashionable approach - inspired by the wonderful nature of Northern Scandinavia. Through the years, I have developed a broad network of contacts and experience within design, crafts and production. Being able to control the whole process from design to finished product is key to my approach for Mylhta - delivering the best quality.

All items are produced in environmentally friendly materials, including reindeer leather from a local tannery in Lapland, ceramics from as small family-run factory, the finest local upholster, and newly invented recycled materials – combined with high-tech production. Our solid working relationships with our suppliers and craftspeople ensure products with long lasting quality, made with care. With Mylhta, our mission is to offer the very best of Scandinavian design. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!"